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Biomedicine Academy students
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The Pre-Engineering Academy is a career academy which prepares students for further studies and a career in engineering. The four years of courses include, Introduction to Engineering Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Principles in Engineering and Engineering Design and Development. Courses in the Pre-Engineering Academy are open to all students in the Academies program. These include, Medibotics, Programming Concepts for Robotics, Shop Safety, Fight Science and more.
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The Biomedicine Academy offers a unique academic program that prepares students for a future in medicine or the health-related professions by introducing them to coursework in the Biomedical Sciences. The application-based curriculum integrates scientific principles with clinical practice in order to expose students to the many disciplines within Biomedicine.

While students in the Biomedicine Academy gain valuable career-related experience through focus classes, many courses in the Biomedicine Academy are available to all students. These include Microbiology, Virology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Experimental Design, Independent Science Research, Forensic Science, Law & Medical Ethics, Medibotics, and DE Anatomy & Physiology. Upon successful completion of DE Anatomy & Physiology, students have the opportunity to earn eight credits from Bergen Community College.
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The Finance Academy introduces students to the broad career opportunities in  the financialservices industry, and, in the process, equips them to make sound choices for the future.

In the past decade, technology has revolutionized every aspect of every position in the financial services industry, and hundreds of thousands of low-skilled jobs have been consolidated into fewer, more demanding positions. Today, despite volatile financial markets and well-publicized layoffs in the industry, the demand for talented applicants who have mastered the “soft skills” , the ability to communicate effectively, work as team members, and solve problems, is unabated and likely to grow. Opportunities abound: professional and technical knowledge are more critical than ever to grasp them and enter the world of work.
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Created by Mark Acosta

The Information Systems Academy is a career academy in which students are interested in understanding how networks and business computing work.

The curriculum draws together information on networks by Cisco Information Systems and Computer Operating Systems from Microsoft. Successful students qualify for the CompTia A+, CompTia Network+ and Security+ certifications by these companies. Four years of classes include, IT Essentials, Advanced Networked Systems, Programming in Java and Internet Security.

Many courses in ISA are open to all students in the School. These include Intro to Technology, Advanced Web Design, Intro to Databases and SQL, Introduction to Programming using C++, Programming Concepts for Robotics, Digital Design 1 and 2, Digital Photography 1 and 2, Flash Animation, Advanced Flash Animation, Video Production 1 and 2 and Visual Basic.
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Students in the Law Academy learn all about how the American justice system works and how it affects all of our lives. They learn about what really goes on during trials, criminal investigations and in our legislatures, and what professionals such as judges, lawyers, police officers, FBI agents and lawmakers really do. After four years at AE, Law Academy students will have a distinct advantage compared to other students interested in pursuing law-related careers.
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