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To the Members of the FBLA Chapter of the Academies @ Englewood and those interested in joining our chapter:

                Our emerging new chapter, amongst other chapters in our Northern Region has become successful in our first year of being established.  Although our chapter is new and perhaps only contains a mere 15 people, we had fought the good fight and gave it our all to stay competitive, like any major corporation does in the business world.  Although only a few ended up having the honor of competing in the FBLA State Competitive Events, we have stood our ground for the first year and brought honor to our chapter and gained recognition amongst our fellow NJ chapters surrounding us.  Our school is also a very young one, only being two years of age; although the world may think different, we are still standing and the Academies @ Englewood's FBLA chapter remains.  "Only the Strong Survive," for we are amongst the strongest.

                Fellow FBLA members and those who are simply reading this because they feel FBLA might interest them, FBLA is a very different sort of organization, a great organization, one that provides students with the proper background in the business world, with such competitive events as Entrepreneurship and even off the subject technology events as Networking Concepts.  In FBLA there are several tests the students can take on various subjects in the business world.  The preparation for these tests help young students get a better understanding of the subject they study.   FBLA has a softer side, fundraising, we try our hardest to help the community we are in and others in need, by doing so we better the world we are in.  We try our hardest to give back to the community and to always be charitable.  FBLA has several scholarships for senior high school members and is great a great organization to belong to and place on any college application; this is so because colleges know how much of a great organization FBLA is and how it inspires the youth of today to do great things tomorrow.

                Tests and other competitive events will be administered in the begging of January for the FBLA Regional Competitive Event, in late March for the FBLA State Competitive Event, and in June-July for the National Competition.  Awards include certificates will be awarded to the winners of these events and those winners will be allowed to compete at the next level event that follows for their category.

                                    We also fundraise for new books to use for studying for the competitive events in FBLA and to go on our various trips during the school year.  Although our total fundraising profits this year were a mere $106.50 it was mainly due to the fact of a lack of fundraising and a series of limits and restraints put upon us by our student government this year.  We project that in the next couple of years and even in 2005 we will have many more fundraisers than in the previous years, without the same restrictions placed upon us (due to an incident that occured), to help pay for our books and or anything else we deem necessary.  In addition to helping in fundraising for our chapter, it is important to pay a small fee of $10.00 as a membership fee for the organization itself.

                                   Thus said, FBLA is one of the best opportunities for any High School Student, one that enriches the mind and challenges the individual.  Everyone shines at what they do best and they learn the importance of hard work, lessons that reflect the work world.  It is my great honor to say that overall, this year has been the first year of our chapter in Englewood and the memories are countless; we would really hope that you help us achieve many more.


President of the Board,

Paul Katsnelson

Official Letter Written by Matthew S. Rowe


*Copyright 2005 Academies @ Englewood FBLA Chapter

        All Rights Reserved

By Matthew S. Rowe