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The Finance Academy introduces students to the broad career opportunities in the financial services industry, and, in the process, equips them to make sound choices for the future.

In the past decade, technology has revolutionized every aspect of every position in the financial services industry, and hundreds of thousands of low-skilled jobs have been consolidated into fewer, more demanding positions. Today, despite volatile financial markets and well-publicized layoffs in the industry, the demand for talented applicants who have mastered the "soft skills" , the ability to communicate effectively, work as team members, and solve problems, is unabated and likely to grow. Opportunities abound: professional and technical knowledge are more critical than ever to grasp them and enter the world of work.

As the economy changes, the Finance Academy will help the students to meet these needs by preparing students for successful careers in financial services and in other fields. Through their Academy experience, students gain an understanding of the connections that exist between their education and the workplace. Through teachers and industry mentors, the Academy provides the students with the curriculum and guidance necessary for rewarding careers.


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Welcome to the Finance Academy

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A quarter of a million high school and middle school students, college and university students, faculty, educators, administrators, and business professionals have chosen to be members of the premier business education association preparing students for careers in business.

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