Student Information

Student Name

Joosung Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The United Nations Association

Mentor(s):Caleb Munro, Melissa Yahre

Topic of Internship

Education Department

Background Information

The United Nations Association of the United States of America is a non-profit organization with the overarching objective of supporting the United Nations. The UNA USA is dedicated to educating, inspiring and mobilizing Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations, strengthening the United Nations system, promoting constructive United States leadership in that system, and achievement of the goals of the UN Charter.

Summary of Internship

The Education department runs innovative programs like Global Classrooms to bring the Model United Nations experience to urban or underprivileged public schools across the US and the world. The program is intended to inspire interest in the UN and encourage global awareness in general. I interned in the education department based in the UNA headquarters, assisting my mentor with all things Model UN or Global Classrooms. Among other things, I helped to plan and run the first-ever Middle School Model UN Conference, the annual UNA USA Model UN Conference in New York, and the annual UNA USA Summit and Leadership Conference. Working alongside my mentor, I gained valuable insights into the workings of a non-profit NGO, and learned many important interpersonal skills that are essential when working with other educators and community leaders. I also had opportunities to work within the UN, and was able to meet such dignitaries as the President of the General Assembly, Ambassador Jan Eliasson, and the UNA USA’s President William Leurs.

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