Student Information

Student Name

Iola-Candace Harris




Internship Information

Company/Organization: M-magazine, Bauer Publishing

Mentor(s):Tina Smithers

Topic of Internship


Background Information

M-Magazine is an affiliate magazine company to Twist, J-14, Woman's World and Soap and is owned by the parent company Bauer Publishing. The magazine is geared towards pre-teens, between the ages of 8-14 and specifically for females. The magazine has fashion, beauty and celebrity entertainment. For example, there are issues in M-Magazine such as "Ew, Gross," "How Embarassing," Horoscopes, and Scoops on the latest updates on what is happening in music. M-Magazine has amazing prizes every month such as, "Win a lunch date with Bow Wow," "Win a concert with Drake Bell," and win a sidekick. M-Magazine appeals to young girls in every way possible by updating the latest fashion trends, latest movies, and giving advice to young girls by solving their problems in a positive manner.

Summary of Internship

At M-Magazine I was able to transcribe the latest celebrity interviews. Transcribing is a follow up process to the mentor's interviews of a celebrity who is being featured either in a new song or a new movie. I listened to the celebrity interviews on tape and typed the interviews on the computer. As an intern, I filed papers, sorted and opened mail, found pictures of celebrities, and updated and wrote articles for the website. This is important because many of the young girls go to the M-Magazine website because they want to be popular in school or want to know the new fads or trends. The website gives them that with the click of a button.

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