Student Information

Student Name

Jennifer Acevedo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Clinton Inn Hotel

Mentor(s):Heidi Hayes

Topic of Internship

Business Administration

Background Information

Clinton Inn Hotel provides hospitality for those seeking rooms and meeting areas for business purposes. They are also open to the general public. Their numerous banquet halls can be used for many purposes, such as business meetings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthdays, and Weddings/Receptions.

Summary of Internship

At the Clinton Inn Hotel, there were many jobs that are happening at the same time to keep the hotel moving. Every month I went to a different department to learn how the people ran the hotel, but from different point of views. I started at the front desk, and it was tough at first because I wasnít used to answering so many phone calls and dealing with so many people at the same time. Then I moved to the pastry department. By far, the pastry department was the most fun because I actually got to help the pastry chef. I learned the different consistencies of chocolate and icing, and other baking tips since I want to be pastry chef. I got more out of this department because this is career that I want to pursue, being a pastry chef. When I had to switch to the restaurant, I was a bit sad, and then realized that I was still going to be working with food. It was fun and then it was time to be waitress. It wasnít as exciting as I thought it would be the restaurant doesnít get so many customers so there is less serving people than I thought there would be. Then I was switched to housekeeping which was fine because it wasn't too hard to do. Now Iím in sales, which involves a lot of paper work. I canít wait until I get transferred back to pastry which wonít be until May.

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