Student Information

Student Name

Rabia Malik




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Holy Name Hospital

Mentor(s):Karen Chapman and Nancy Teresi

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Created by Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace in 1925, Holy Name Hospital is the only hospital in Teaneck, New Jersey. The Hospital, once only compiled of a single wing, Marian Hall, is now home to over 361 patent beds and offers many more patients same- day services. Today, Holy Name is accredited with three JD Power and Associates awards based on questioners sent to patients about service. Also, Holy Name is known for its highly- accredited Oncology and Maternity services all across the state. Holy Name is also affiliated with New York Presbyterian Health System.

Summary of Internship

Interns at Holy Name work under the guidance of Karen Chapman, head of Volunteer Services, and her assistant, Nancy Teresi. So far, I interned working at three departments in the hospital. The first department, the Volunteer Courtesy desk, is the first step for all interns. It provides an opportunity for the interns to get to know the hospital’s physical structure. Most of the time, interns run errands to different parts of the hospital which familiarizes them about different departments of the hospital. The second department was Labor and Delivery. Here I worked with Senior volunteers to help create “Baby Birth” paperwork packages. These consisted of footprint sheets, certificates, and hospital papers. The last department, Radiology, called for the interns to go about the Radiology department while different x- rays were being taken such as CT Scans and normal x-rays. During this time, the interns worked on hospital patient care and patient hospitality. In Radiology, I learned a lot about the body’s anatomy while looking at the CT scans with CT technicians.

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