Student Information

Student Name

Rabia Malik




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Broadway Pediatric Associates

Mentor(s):Dr. Daniel I. Schwartz

Topic of Internship

Pediatric Medicine

Background Information

Broadway Pediatrics was started in 1963 by Dr. Sheldon Feinberg and today, it is a co-op of many pediatricians located in Westwood, New Jersey. There are four pediatricians: Dr. Mary Lee Harrison, Dr. Daniel Schwartz, Dr. Daryl O'Brien, and Dr. Mary H. Clark, and one nurse practioner, Mrs. Alice Bromberg, who work out of the office. The two head doctors are Dr. Daniel Schwartz and Dr. Mary Lee Harrison.

Summary of Internship

At Broadway Pediatrics, I spent most of my day shadowing Dr. Daniel Schwartz. He would allow me to view patient exams (only after a patient consented). Also, if there had been a baby born a day before Thursday, I would be allowed to go with Dr. Schwartz to Pascack Valley Hospital while he examined the baby.

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