Student Information

Student Name

Matthew Stuart Rowe





Internship Information

Company/Organization: NJIT Digital Imaging Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Haim Grebel and Dr. Karl Dieter Moeller

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The NJIT Digital Imaging Center is a lab dedicated to research in light manipulation as well as its reaction to certain metal and dielectric meshes and photonic crystals. The lab works on several classified government funded projects that involve light. The lab is a part of the electrical engineering department.

Summary of Internship

At my internship, I work on creating several metal meshes combined in different geometric patterns with certain dielectrics and graph the lights reaction in the IR spectrum in Excel. I use Flometrics Micro-Stripes in order to analyze the various reactions of light to the meshes through digital simulation and use the IR spectrometer to analyze the light's reaction to various chemical samples to determine whether they should be used in the creation of the meshes. The light's reaction to the sample in the IR spectrometer tells me what the object's chemical composition is due to its various bond structures' oscillatory patterns from the laser that hits the sample's molecules.

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