Student Information

Student Name

Sarah Han





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Columbia Genome Center

Mentor(s):Ming Chien, Christine Elise-Marie Rupp, Maritza Rosales

Topic of Internship

genomic research

Background Information

The Columbia Genome Center brings together biomedical and science/engineering at Columbia University under one roof. The main purpose of the Columbia Genome Center is to study inheritable human diseases. Researchers there study the genetics behind disorders such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The Columbia Genome Center is focused on five main areas of research: molecular, statistical and population genetic approaches to human disease gene mapping, bioinformatics and computational biology tools to enhance disease gene discovery, chemistry and engineering approached to enhance genomic technologies, whole genome sequencing and characterization, and post-genomic research and technologies.

Summary of Internship

At my internship I was able to get a firsthand experience in genomic research through projects and reading assignments. I worked in the lab at the Columbia University Genome Center with my mentor, Mr. Chien, on his projects such as sequencing portions of patientís DNA to see the probability of an increased likelihood for a disorder/disease such as Sclerosis and Heart Disease. I also learned how to perform a gel electrophoresis, southern blotting, and use pipettes. I was able to work with materials, machines, and methods such as DNA sequencing machines, PCR machines, Sequencing by Synthesis, Southern Blotting, and Agrose gel electrophoresis. Furthermore I learned how to use programs such as Seq man which is used for DNA sequencing. During my time at my internship I was able to gain an understanding of genomic research and the techniques used in genomic research through the projects I worked on, discussions with my mentors, and hands-on experience.

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