Student Information

Student Name

Shiomara Gonzalez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: NBA - Special Events and Attractions

Mentor(s):Kim Collins, Gail Hunter, Mark Aronson

Topic of Internship

Public Relations/Communications

Background Information

NBA’s Attractions Planning focuses on different attractions such as Rhythm N’ Rhyms, Jr. NBa/Jr. WNBA, NBA without Borders, NBA Cares, Jam Van, and their main focus is on the All-Stars’ attraction Jam Session. Jam Session is an interactive 350,000 square feet court filled with basketball activities. People are able to meet NBA & WNBA All-Star players and get their autographs. Activities include a “shoot 3-pointers”court, “slam dunk”, “drive to the basket” and score on 10 different basketball courts. For the younger kids there is Kids Zone, and "Measure Up" which is where people measure up their hand and shoe sizes to favorite NBA and WNBA.

Summary of Internship

At the internship I did the normal work for an intern, making copies and filing on the contracts and transfer files for marketing. I make copies of invoices and expense reports. I read up on proposals for tickets and promotions, input information about NBA fairs into excel documents, separated information from expos and conferences where companies sell their products and try to get buyers; also to put their name on the market. Most of my job was packaging boxes and sending them to their contacts via FedEx. I helped organize items for Africa and Puerto Rico’s NBA without Borders and create donation boxes. Interning with the NBA has allowed me to get “inside view” of how meetings are run. I was permitted to sit in phone conferences and sat in the “Be Fit Tour” meeting which is for WNBA and saw how each project at the NBA attractions department is started. Also, I was given the opportunity to sit in the Jam Session’s recap meeting where they decided the pros and cons of the event and where they can improve.

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