Student Information

Student Name

Matt Delcalzo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Goldman-Copeland Associates

Mentor(s):Howard Holowitz

Topic of Internship

Civil Engineering

Background Information

Goldman Copeland Associates (GCA), a full service MEP consulting engineering firm, has been providing engineering and design services to private sector clients and government agencies from our New York City office since 1968. Our services range from feasibility studies and condition surveys to detail design and technical assistance during construction. Our staff of 65 engineering and support personnel enables us to serve our clients efficiently and professionally with hands on principal involvement for each project. GCA has completed both new construction and renovation projects involving all aspects of building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems including HVAC, electrical power distribution, lighting, plumbing, fire alarm and fire protection systems, and specialized controls for regulating and maintaining interior environments. Our work includes site distribution for multi-building campuses. Success in a highly competitive market and an ability to satisfy and retain demanding clients over the long-term have been achieved through the provision of careful, accurate, and timely engineering services.

Summary of Internship

My responsibilities at Goldman Copeland Associates are a mix of working with the other engineers and doing typical scrub work. The majority of my tasks include traveling around midtown Manhattan doing deliveries to other architecture and engineering firms, mostly of blueprints or other documents of important nature. Occasionally Iíll have tasks that relate to the software program AutoCAD. Several times I received brief tutorials in the actual usage of AutoCAD, but itís a program that takes much time to learn, so I usually end up performing tasks that relate to it without directly using it.

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