Student Information

Student Name

Gee Sun Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Innovations & Developement Inc.

Mentor(s):Mr. David Demar

Topic of Internship

Industrial Design

Background Information

Innovations and Development Inc. (IDI) is an innovation service company that companies can hire or work with for new designs and inspiration. IDI is known for conducting ideastorms, which involves using customers and consumers in observational studies for new ideas. Often companies work with IDI to find a solution to a problem or to evolve a design; sometimes companies just want some fresh ideas and sketches. IDI helps brainstorm and process each step of producing a product, from conception to distribution to sales of the final product. IDI is a company that focuses on 50% product design and 50% package design. IDI's clients include Smuckers, Coca-cola, Abbott Laboratories, Colgate-Palmolive, GE Appliances, Samsung, and Whirlpool. IDI is one a the very few industrial design companies that made a big impact on the design world.

Summary of Internship

IDI is known for its creative and artistic group of people, and this opportunity allowed me to contribute to their work. I contributed my thoughts and ideas on different products, and I helped with setting up ideastorms and meetings. I went on outside interviews to do research surveys for many of the projects. Whenever there was an ideastorm or an opportunity to be in an environment with important clients, I was always welcomed to join in for sketching, conversations, and dinner. In addition, the staff at IDI were very insightful, and helped me with research on colleges. They recommended numerous colleges that were outstanding for visual arts and design and also gave me excellent advice for interviews and college visits. IDI showed me inspirational websites and magazines about industrial design, and exposed me to portfolios of potential junior designers. Innovations and Development Inc. has challenged and concurrently inspired me to become a designer.

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