Student Information

Student Name

Shelly Perez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bureau of Criminal Identification

Mentor(s):Sgt. Healy & Mrs. Lori Swiston

Topic of Internship

Criminal Justice

Background Information

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office is the largest law enforcement agency in Bergen County. The agency has more than 500 dedicated personnel that serve the community. The Sheriff’s department provides care and custody to more than 900 inmates and detainees at the Bergen County Jail. It also assists the county’s local police by providing advanced forensic procedures through its Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Sheriff’s department has various divisions and units, including: the Court Security Division, Special Services Division, Homeland Security / K-9 Division, Operations Division, Bureau of Criminal Identification, Bureau of Detectives, Bureau of Information Technology, Community Outreach Unit, Sert (Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team), and the Special Operations Group. These divisions work together to keep our community safe.

Summary of Internship

At my internship, I am able to walk through doors that not many can go through. The building I interned in is called Bureau of Criminal Identification. It is small, but it has everything that is needed. My mentor introduced me to the process of fingerprinting. It was amazing to see how easy it was for him to detect any little unusual thing that makes one fingerprint different from another. He also took me to different labs where one of them was the black room. In this room you have to wear goggles in order to see any fingerprints. As time passed by, I was introduced to Ballistics where they had a closet full of different guns all unloaded, of course. In the ballistics room there is someone in charge of detecting any kind of evidence from a bullet or a gun that was used during a crime scene. After that I’ve interned with the person who’s in charge of warrants. I learned to put warrants into the computer. I also visited the Court House with my mentor to pick up warrants that have to be logged into the computer. As a result of having this experience at the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, I learned how important communication and leadership is.

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