Student Information

Student Name

Simone Sawh




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Blackrock Solutions

Mentor(s):Angela Singh & Maria O' Leary

Topic of Internship

Human Resources

Background Information

BlackRock Solutions is the analytic part of BlackRock Financial. The tools and services that BlackRock Solutions created were first used internally by BlackRock Financial and then were offered to clients externally. BlackRock Solutions has been providing risk analytic tools for the last fourteen years. BlackRock Solutions products enable investment organizations to focus on investment decisions by using BlackRock Solutions tools and services. One of the services BlackRock Solutions provides is an advisory service which is financial consulting and advisory banking to help clients with their financial problems. Another is BlackRock Solutions Aladdin which is a system that combines automated trade processing along with risk analytics on one central platform.

Summary of Internship

Although, my internship takes place at a financial organization my particular internship does not have anything to do with finances. My internship took place inside the human resources department in BlackRock. My mentorís job dealt with new hire paperwork. She is responsible for setting up the new hire paperwork. This paperwork ranged from: employment applications, background checks, monetary information, drug tests etc. Her job was to make sure that all of that was complete. In addition she had to set up each new hire with IDs, and logins for the computer. Her job also entails filing new compensation information into Oracle, terminations, and a monthly report detailing all employee changes in the company. My job mostly dealt with the new hire paperwork. I sent out background checks for all of the new hires, made copies of the resumes for the companyís resume binder, and I created new hire folders. The new hire folders are created for every new hire and contains all of the new hires information. This folder is imperative to the Human Resources department because it is their hardcopy for all employee information and is kept until the employee leaves the organization. My internship also dealt with a lot of filing and shredding of confidential files.

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