Student Information

Student Name

Pratik Parikh




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Nathan G. Fink, Esq., L.L.C.

Mentor(s):Nathan G. Fink, Joanne Fink, and Robin McCaffrey

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Nathan G. Fink is a member of both the New Jersey State and Pennsylvania State Bar Association. Mr. Fink received his CPA from the State of New York, a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University, and his LLM from New York University. Since 1978, he has operated his own private law firm. Since business law is a growing field in today’s society, Mr. Fink concentrates on business deals, closings, wills, and especially the ever so stressful taxation of the business.

Summary of Internship

First off, I worked for Mr. Fink over the summer because he believed that it would be to my benefit to work over the summer and get familiar with the business before my school year began. Over the summer I learned the basics, such as how to use QuickBooks, an accounting software, Lotus, an old version of Excel, and SuperForms, which had any federal tax form that you could imagine. QuickBooks is used for data entry, making and printing checks, payroll, sales tax, as well as viewing the profits and assets. While interning here, I learned how to fill out all sorts of tax returns and bank reconciliations. As an intern, I also did clerical tasks such as making photocopies, sending faxes to clients, and answering phone calls. At this internship, I learned so much about the accounting field. I learned the different types of tax forms and who can use them, and I also learned ways to get the information that I need even if the client forgot to give to us. I found it very useful to apply what I learned in school to good use. I hope to use what I learned in my college studies and my future career.

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