Student Information

Student Name

Marilette dela Cruz




Internship Information

Company/Organization: B. Thayer Associates

Mentor(s):Steve Pavich

Topic of Internship

Architecture/Civil and Structural Engineering

Background Information

Located in New York City, B. Thayer Associates was founded in 1990 by Barbara Thayer, a licensed architect, and an engineer. Ms. Thayer created a work environment which seamlessly combines the two disciplines into one cohesive whole. The small nature of the company allows for its personal attention to each client, while its diverse employees further contribute to its success with a wide range of projects and clients. B. Thayer Associates boasts an environment dedicated to innovative design, teamwork and client satisfaction. The firm provides services in architecture, civil and structural engineering, traffic engineering, landscape architecture, planning, land surveying, historic preservation and construction phase services.

Summary of Internship

While interning with the Vice-President of Engineering Steve Pavich, I observed the ins and outs of running an engineering firm. I assisted in many structural engineering, traffic engineering, and architecture projects; I was also given the opportunity to learn about the accounting and marketing aspect that is a feature of all businesses. I have participated in projects regarding sanitation and drainage profiles, maintenance and protection of traffic, cost estimating, direct technical labor with regards to accounting, and Marketing concepts, such as having a database. I have also gained experience in using the computer programs Microsoft Excel and two of the most prominent computer programs in the engineering and architecture industry: MicroStation and AutoCAD. As a result of my internship at Barbara Thayer Associates, I have learned about various engineering, architecture, as well as marketing and business, concepts.

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