Student Information

Student Name

Carolina Castro




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

Mentor(s):Mrs. Carol Hoth

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Englewood Hospital & Medical Center has been around since 1890. Englewood Hospital has an outstanding reputation for healthcare and patient care. Englewood Hospital is a leader in providing high quality healthcare by using state of the art technology and by also providing innovative programs and services to their patients. Englewood Hospital is very well known for itís Cardiac Bypass Surgery, it is number one at Englewood Hospital

Summary of Internship

Working in a hospital requires a lot of patience. I say this because there are many things you have to become familiar with first and learn before actually starting your internship. When I started my internship in September, for about the first three months or so, I acted as a volunteer because first I had to become familiar with the hospital and itís services, and emergency codes. Once I knew my way around the hospital, I began a rotation in different departments and floors of the hospital, including, the clinic, the Infusion Center, and the Mother / Baby unit. As an intern I did many different types of activities, such as filing papers, picking up charts, transporting specimens to and from the lab, picking up medications from the pharmacy, and assisting nurses and patients in anything they needed. Being an intern at Englewood Hospital, Iíve learned that being a doctor takes a lot of responsibility because someoneís life can depend on them. I enjoyed my internship at the hospital because I like helping others and itís nice to know that you can put a smile on someoneís face.

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