Student Information

Student Name

LC DeSandies




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen PAC Performing Arts Center

Mentor(s):Mark Green

Topic of Internship

Event Planning

Background Information

What was previously known as the John Harms Theatre in Englewood, New Jersey, the Bergen PAC is the local venue where all types of performances are held. In addition to performances, there are also dance classes, seminars, and work shops. Mark Green serves as the general manager of Bergen PAC. He is very well known in the music industry and organizes most of the performances that come to Bergen PAC. Some of the performances at Bergen PAC include: George Benson, Olivia Newton-John, B.B. King, Chris Brown, and most recently Earth, Wind, and Fire. The Bergen PAC is a great asset to the community because it gets people involved, and itís a local venue for performing.

Summary of Internship

The internship at Bergen PAC deals with event coordination. Since there are so many performances at the Bergen PAC, the intern is learning how things are planned and how things operate. The intern has first hand knowledge about the upcoming performances. There will be a chance to read the contracts, and find out exactly what is needed for the performance. The contract is then filed and the next steps to have a successful show are taken. The intern will have to make backstage passes, meal tickets, and after show passes for the performer(s) as well as their entourage. Those passes are then put into an envelope and give to the performerís manager upon arrival. The intern will also be able to fill out itinerary sheets that give information about where the performer(s) is staying, when the performer(s) will be arriving at the venue, what flight the performer(s) will arrive from as well as what flight they will depart on, and what the performer(s) will do after they arrived at the venue. The intern may also participate in some of the shows by being back stage and running errands. Interning at the Bergen PAC will definitely be a learning experience for those who want to pursue a career in event coordination.

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