Student Information

Student Name

Natali Diaz





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Asterisk

Mentor(s):Richard O ‘Conner

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Asterisk Animation Company focuses on the art field of animation. Because of New York City location this company gets much business from the many companies in the city but also has many competitors that are working for the same job. The works issued by the customers are of advertisements and short animated shows. There technique is mostly that of hand drawn animation with the help of various technologies to place together the final product. Such technologies include Mac computers, and various Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Those who work in this company come from a variety of backgrounds. Though a relatively small company communication is always open between the employees. This internship requires patience and knowledge in some computer software. Being familiar with Macs is essential in order to actually work on the computer. Also having some background knowledge on Photoshop would help immensely and would make the internship experience be more interactive. Working at this company will give the intern the background necessary to work in the animation business.

Summary of Internship

In this internship the intern will be able to work on the Mac OS. The intern will work oh Photoshop, doing such things as coloring, scanning and cleaning up drawings. The intern will also be able to draw their own animations, and out them together to a final product on the computer. The intern will experience interactive work with the other co-workers and see the process of animation from start to finish. This internship with teach the intern the workings of the workplace and what is required to be an animator.

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