Student Information

Student Name

Keisha Thomas




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Tweakmedia/Inmod

Mentor(s):Casey Choron & Alan Finkelstein

Topic of Internship

Graphic Design

Background Information

Founded in 2000 by Casey Choron and Alan Finkelstein, Tweakmedia offers New York City level design and marketing to local business in New Jersey who can’t afford the costly services. Located in Dumont, New Jersey, Tweakmedia is accessible to people in the tri-state area who are looking for highly professional graphic design assistance. They offer services such as Web Design / Web Development, Multimedia Presentations, and Print Media / Graphic Design. With the aid of professional programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Flash, they have designed websites for rising manufacturers and big name celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen and Shania Twain. and are online furniture boutiques run by Casey Choron and Alan Finkelstein that have unique collections of modern furniture and mid-century classics. The exclusivity of the products on the market makes Inmod and Evofurniture number one choices for consumers across the world.

Summary of Internship

I interned at both Tweakmedia and Inmod. Most of my time was spent assisting Casey and Alan with the development of Inmod--primarily with ecommerce, the retail and buying of goods using digital technology. My mentor assisted me in understanding the concept of retail, a field that I never thought I would ever be involved with. He primarily takes care of the major parts of the business involving consulting with customers and organizing the websites. It was through my internship that I realized how much I love being in a small environment so that I’m more in touch with the people around me. I was fortunate to have had training in two fields—graphic design and ecommerce, two fields that are soon to dominate the world that we live in.

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