Student Information

Student Name

Fabian Velasquez





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital

Mentor(s):John P. Delgado

Topic of Internship

Radiation Oncology

Background Information

Englewood medical center is recognized as one of the best medical centers in Bergen County. It was one of the first to perform an MRI and it is one of the leading medical centers in heart treatment. Englewood medical centerís vision is to be the regional leader in providing state-of-the-art compassionate care in a humanistic environment. It emphasizes caring treatment of patients by its medical staff and community. Englewood medical center is also an educational facility, where medical students are trained to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Summary of Internship

I interned at the Radiation Oncology Department. This department is in charge of treating patients who posses malignant tumors in their bodies. While there are many ways to treat cancer such as, surgery, chemotherapy, nutrition, the radiation department treats their patients by means of radiation. There are two treatment machines in the department. The MD2, which treats patients mostly by means of electrons and ionized radiation, and primus which treats same way, but lower energy levels. As an intern in this department my job was to observe and learn form the experienced therapists. As I gained the trust of my mentor, I gained responsibilities, with hands on opportunities, I now became more of an assistant to my mentor helping him complete his tasks in the simulation room, which included, calculating areas from X ray films, (to determine which areas can be treated with radiation and which can not), positioning patients on treatment table before the actual treatment, tattooing patients,(to align the patient on the table with the lasers provided by the machines), and other tasks. You will be able to presence everything and thanks to my mentor and his staff, the atmosphere in the department has been thus far, fun and enjoyable.

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