Student Information

Student Name

Stuart Asencio





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Lincoln Elementary School

Mentor(s):Lucia Welch

Topic of Internship

Spanish Education

Background Information

Lincoln Elementary has been a source of education for students for many years. It has been a place where children can reach their potential and learn how to be young adults. The staff at the school are very nice and amiable. The World Language program is run by my mentor and has been helping students from all over the world learn the basics. Whether a child is from the US or from outside the US, they all still learn the same material within the same grade level.

Summary of Internship

Throughout my internship, I have learned alot from the various teachers that I have observed. While they teached, I would walk around the classroom and keep the class in order. Once the class is settled and are doing work, I am usually approached to by the children asking me for help. I gladly help them as best as I could so they could one, understand what I am saying and two, come up with the answer on their own. I have done alot within my time at my internship. I have helped teach a class, dealt with student's problems, and have even been the one to take little Johnny to the principal's office. My internship is rewarding because no matter how stressful the students may get, watching them learn and grow in front of my eyes is very special to me because I have made a difference in someone's life and hope to make more when I begin my career.

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