Student Information

Student Name

Lee Merlino




Internship Information

Company/Organization: RPM Productions

Mentor(s):Danny Bennett

Topic of Internship

Music Management

Background Information

RPM Productions is the company that manages the musical career of Tony Bennett. The staff at RPM consists of Benedetto Art, and Tony Bennett's manager. The company has one focus, and that is to make sure everything runs smoothly for Mr. Bennett. The sub section, called Benedetto Art features the art that Tony has painted. Shows are held to display his artwork and pieces are sold through his office. Danny Bennett, his son has just renewed Mr. Bennett's contract for another three years. As his manager, Danny Bennett is focused on advancing his father's performing career, including recorings, guest appearances, and publications.

Summary of Internship

At RPM, I worked on miscellaneous projects that needed to be done. I helped my mentor with office task such as, filing, assembling press kits, and at times I was even invited to Mr. Bennett's recording sessions. Over the course of my internship I have learned the importance of making contacts in the entertainment business. Also I saw the importance of knowing the proper way to communicate with others.

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