Student Information

Student Name

Elizabeth Patrick




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Holy Name Hospital

Mentor(s):Karen Chapman

Topic of Internship

Pediatrics & Sniffles Club

Background Information

Holy Name Hospital is a fully accredited, not-for-profit community hospital located in suburban Teaneck, New Jersey. Founded and sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace in 1925, the hospital has grown to become a comprehensive 361-bed medical center offering the most modern medical technology coupled with an enduring tradition of compassion and respect. Affiliation with New York Presbyterian Health System further brings the advantages of large urban hospitals to our community, with access to clinical trials and expanded education for physicians.

Summary of Internship

When you hear the word Nurse, one thinks of a woman who takes your temperature and puts a tongue depressor in your mouth and asks you “What sound those the letter A make?” However this is not the case; in this day and age a Nurse dose much more than that. At my internship I was able to shadow many different nurses and observe how they take care of their patients. I was not able to get a hands-on experience because medical restrictions. Nevertheless, I was able to read the notes created on the patients to find out about their sickness, and the symptoms, and what the nurses and doctors were doing to heal the patient. I was also able to get a hands-on experience in the Sniffles Department, which is part of the Pediatric. In this area, sick patients are mostly from the age of 1-10. I was able assist the nurse on duty, whether it was with feeding patients or simply interacting with them. Even though I was not able to get a hands-on experience, I was still able to see the process a nurse goes through in helping patients. Through this internship my understanding the field of Nursing has been opened.

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