Student Information

Student Name

Alisa Smith




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Donald A. Quarles Early Childhood Learning Center

Mentor(s):Ms. Victoria Lee

Topic of Internship

Music Education

Background Information

Donald A. Quarles School is one of the 4 elementary schools in Englewood, NJ with a faculty of 31 teachers. It is located on Division Place, and houses approximately 500 students from grades Pre-Kindergarten-1st. This school is committed to "establishing a safe, nurturing, and academically rigorous environment" ( The faculty provides an environment that encourages creativity and respect while preparing the students to become "effective communicators, proficient readers and writers, and instilling a love for learning" (

Summary of Internship

During my time at Donald A. Quarles School, I worked as a Pre-Kindergarten - 1st grade music teacher aid. My day usually consisted of a prep period, five classes, and a chorus that met during the final period of the day. In addition to aiding in the classroom, I got the opportunity to help organize Quarles School’s first chorus which performed at their annual Holiday concert and International Art and Music Festival. The atmosphere at Donald A. Quarles School is wonderful and I enjoyed interning there every Thursday.

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