Student Information

Student Name

Zalina Kotaeva




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Global Youth Action Network

Mentor(s):Luis Davila-Ortega

Topic of Internship

International Affairs/Non-profit

Background Information

The Global Youth Action Network is a coalition of organizations working to involve youth all over the world in improving the living conditions of others. GYAN allows NGOs (non-governmental organizations) all over the world to combine their resources and knowledge to achieve a common goal. As a result GYAN’s close relationship with the United Nations, the organizations in the network have a representative within the UN. Benjamin Quinto, GYAN’s founder, wanted to create a way for youth to get involved in society and nurture a better way of life for future generations.

Summary of Internship

At GYAN, most of my work involved the computer. My main responsibility was to sort through membership applications; I often had to e-mail the organizations to confirm their address or ask them to supply more information. As trivial as that may seem, without new organizations GYAN would be a useless entity. I was also present during a mass contact information update project; I had objectives each week which I had to accomplish to ensure the smooth flow of the process. There were several other interns that worked on the project. Each week, we had to coordinate our efforts, and talk to each other to make sure everything was going according to plan. One of the greatest perks about interning for an NGO in such close proximity to the UN is the access one can have to events at the United Nations. Interns can receive temporary passes; they are able to attend any of the conferences, events, and panel discussions. Although it may often be tedious to constantly work on the computer, it is a valuable experience with amazing perks.

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