Student Information

Student Name

David Javier Cremades




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Ronald Schmidt & Associates (RSA AIA)

Mentor(s):Sherry Bauer, Walter Levy, Joe Crystal, Isabella Altano, Michael Kallay

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Ronald Schmidt & Associates is a midsized firm that provides an ideal environment to learn the basics of what exactly it is to start a career in architecture. The firm Ronald Schmidt & Associates aims towards providing premium architecture services at a more competitive cost. This successful business plan along with award winning design has propelled RSA into a league of its own. The possibilities of learning in this firm as an intern are endless and as long as the intern is willing and interested.

Summary of Internship

This internship is perfect for anyone considering the field of architecture and is interested in getting a feel of the profession. As an intern I learned the basics of Architectural AutoCAD, how process requests for information (RFI’s), and who, how, and what is needed from start to finish on a project. One of the main focuses of my internship experience was maintaining the essential working relationship between the contractors, civil engineers, and clients. Apart from what one would expect to learn there are various other experiences that are unique to this internship. Lunches with other interns and architects give you insight and advice on everything spanning from their pre-college life to where they are now. You as an intern will be included in all the fun and interesting traditions that make RSA more than just an architecture firm. My experience at RSA so far was more than I bargained for and I am glad I had made this choice. If you decide to choose this internship I recommend you contact me so I can give you tips on how to make the most of your time at RSA.

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