Student Information

Student Name

Gloria Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: CVS Pharmacy

Mentor(s):Jung Soo Koh and Jin Hee Park

Topic of Internship


Background Information

At CVS Pharmacy, the goal is to make this store the best pharmacy for people. Besides selling medications, they also sell retail goods, such as milk, paper, candy, hair accessories, beauty supplies, pictures, etc. In the pharmacy, the employees work to keep the pharmacy organized, making sure that certain medications are stocked and to maintain the privacy of their customers. Special care is also made to maintain the privacy of customer records.

Summary of Internship

By assisting the technicians and the pharmacist, I truly learned a lot from my experience at this Pharmacy. I learned how the pharmacy system works and also about the different types of medications and prescriptions. Even though I knew that I would not be able to learn about the purposes of every medication, I learned about third party issues, and about different. I learned how to effectively communicate with the employees and I learned that every question or any problem I had, I could always ask any of the people I worked with. By making doctor and patient calls, I improved on my social and talking skills because it taught me how to appropriately talk to these types of people.

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