Student Information

Student Name

David Castro




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palisades Financial

Mentor(s):Mark Zurlini

Topic of Internship

Real Estate/ Business

Background Information

William Procida Incorporated was the start of Palisades Financial, formed in 2000. Palisades Financial has become a very successful firm, with its multiple funds. An example of such a fund is called Palisades Regional Investment Fund, also known as PALF I. This fund was successful because it was able to raise $42 million; however, it was recently closed in January of this year, 2006, because they wanted to start a new fund in order to make more money. In March of 2006, a new fund was launched, called PRIF II, and has a target goal of raising $200 million. Palisades Financial is a male dominating company. Itís a place where you have to know your stuff and be able to complete your tasks on your given deadlines. There is a lot of fast thinking that goes on in the office, which you have to keep up with. This fast thinking and decision making is something one can adapt to, and is useful for problem solving and decision making. Everyone in this company is hard working and devoted to their jobs. However, even though they are very professional they do tend to be laid back and outgoing, while demanding perfection.

Summary of Internship

There were many general office works that I had to do before I was given any important work. My first task was finding out what the company is all about and their background information. There was plenty of office work for me to be do, and in the long run I was able to acquire some great skills for later use in the future. Finally, when I got settled in I was given more important tasks to work on which enabled me to prove to my mentor that I am an intern who is trustworthy and reliable. One of the many things I was permitted to do at my internship was to sit in and listen to conference calls concerning pending deals yet to be closed. I had also gotten the opportunity to read appraisals of loans and other important documents. Over all, this internship was a great opportunity for me to learn exactly how a real business accomplish difficult situations and become successful.

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