Student Information

Student Name

Charlene Gopaul




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hilton Fort Lee

Mentor(s):Daniel Poray (Director of Huma

Topic of Internship

Human Resources/Hotel Management

Background Information

The Hilton Hotel in Fort lee is a private branch of the Hilton Hotel franchise owned by two sisters one of whom is my mentor, Ashley Yook and her sister Angeline Cho. The Hilton consists of many different departments, engineering, accounting, catering/sales, front office, house keeping, including the Human Resources which is run by my other mentor Daniel Poray. Each department contributes greatly to the success of the Hilton hotel.

Summary of Internship

As Manager of Human Resources, Mr. Poray does the hiring for the Hilton and is responsible for training and creating a positive environment between the staff. He also makes sure that all Hilton employees’ records are updated just in case the hotel is audited. Mr. Poray helped me learn all aspects of the hotel so that I can learn to one day manage a hotel. I helped him with many tasks, including updating the files on the computer, filing employee records and contracts with other companies, or helping him set up for his meetings and training programs. One of the very important files that I update weekly is the SALT (Satisfaction and Loyalty Tracker) reports. This report shows how each department is doing in the hotel. The hotel acquires the information by a survey the Hilton Corporation in Beverly Hills sends out to 100 guests selected randomly for each independent Hilton Hotel. What I do is go on the Hilton website which is strictly for employees and I print out the scores. After I print them I create a graph on excel that shows each week whether the Hilton scores went up or down. Then I deliver the reports to each department so that they can see what areas they are doing good in and what areas they need to work on. In the process of helping Mr. Poray, I learned about the hotel and about the various procedures in place to get the work done. Because of this hands-on-internship I know what it takes to run a hotel.

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