Student Information

Student Name

Alexander Griffith




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Columbia Records

Mentor(s):Brandy Howard

Topic of Internship

Online Promotion

Background Information

Columbia Records origins date to before the turn of the century, when the Columbia label was created as a means of selling Edison dictation equipment in the District of Columbia. Columbia Records is now a major record label that specializes in various genres of music from Rap and Hip Hop to Rock and Pop. They have artists such as Beyonce, Bow Wow, Amerie, Jonas Brothers, and Aqualung signed there. Every floor of their building on Madison Avenue features a different genre of music.

Summary of Internship

My internship consisted of online promoting up and coming pop artists such as the Jonas Brothers and Teddy Geiger on various websites such as and I went on various message boards and posted different messages on various artists that are on Columbia Records. I also went to and voted for artists that are on Columbia Records.I also mailed out prizes to contest winners such as signed CDs from the artist, pens, shirts and posters. I have learned so far that online promotion is just as important as television and newspaper promotion in building an artist's image. I also learned that the better an artists image is projected the more succesful he/she will become.

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