Student Information

Student Name

Husniyah Ford





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bennett Studios

Mentor(s):Austin Bennett, Dae Bennett, August Desalines

Topic of Internship

Music Recording/ Record Production

Background Information

The purpose of Bennet Studios is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for: music recording and traditional album production,audio for video post-production, pre-recorded or live televison production, internet multimedia production and live web casting. It is located in Englewood, owned by Dae Bennet; he is the son of the legendary singer Tony Bennett. there is an array of music styles recorded here from rock to reggaeton. Such artists as Sugar Hill Gang, Naughty By Nature, Nina Sky,Scram Jones and many more have recorded here.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Bennett Studios, I felt welcome in its comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. As a receptionist, I monitored the phones and welcomed clients. I also participated in setting up and breaking down sessions. Running certain errands were also needed. However, this internship holds many perks. I get the opportunity to listen in on sessions. So far, I've met DMC from the well known rap group Run DMC, Andy Bey, Serious Jones, Cynthia Holiday, Tony Bennet, and other music moguls. To top it all off an up and coming artists from Washington D.C wanted me to record with him. I was always searching for that outlet, and have accomplished something there. With this internship, I am learning hands on networking skills and how to build a solid support foundation which are both critical in the growing industry of music

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