Student Information

Student Name

Tarun Devnani




Internship Information

Company/Organization: In The Mix

Mentor(s):Sue Castle

Topic of Internship

Video Production

Background Information

In The Mix/Castleworks is a small video production company that makes a show called In The Mix on PBS. Formed in 1992, In The Mix tries to confront teen issues such as depression, dating violence, and bullying through shows created by teens who have had first hand experience with the subjects. The company’s videos are often used at many other places than PBS, including schools, seminars, and even at hotels. In The Mix is an Emmy award winning show that is carried on over fifty networks nationwide and is also distributed through DVDs, VHSs, and other mediums.

Summary of Internship

My work at In The Mix/Castleworks includes video editing, DVD production, label creation, operating the phone, taking care of placed orders, and general maintenance of our equipment. In The Mix offers an environment where interns can pitch in whatever abilities they have, and in return learn new skills in the field. I started off without much experience with our editing software, Final Cut Pro, but this internship offered me a place to develop my skills and has credited me as an editor on certain In The Mix programs. There are a lot of responsibilities given to you at this internship, and sometimes it calls for work above and beyond what one would give at other internships.

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