Student Information

Student Name

Jessica Maxwell





Internship Information

Company/Organization: District 37 Legislative Offices

Mentor(s):Mr. Phillip Meishner

Topic of Internship

Legislative Law

Background Information

The District 37 Legislative Offices is located at 1 Engle Street in Englewood, New Jersey. It is comprised of Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle, and Senator Loretta Weinberg. There main goal is to help improve the community and make sure that the voice of the people is heard. They take the demands and concerns of the various areas in Bergen County and make sure it gets to Trenton, New Jersey. Trenton is the town in which the Majority Legislative Office is located. In this office they also help citizens of the community with issues such as housing, roads or streets that need construction, and local laws. For example they worked on citizensí concerns with getting the death penalty revoked and the new no smoking law in public facilities. With the help of the legislative aides, the assembly board and senator work to make Bergen County a better place.

Summary of Internship

At my internship I helped my mentor who is a Legislative Aid. His tasks included setting up appointments for the assemblyman and senator, typing up vital letters, and making sure people who need to get in contact with assembly board and senator does. An as a mentee, I made sure this is done. I took down messages and take care of minor tasks such as addressing letters and filing. At times I will help type of citations and minor letters. I look forward for whatís to come and the new tasks I will be assigned; I will try to accomplish these tasks to the best of my ability.

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