Student Information

Student Name

Adam Attas




Internship Information

Company/Organization: D&O Pharmachem

Mentor(s):Harry Zafran

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The D&O Group supplies intermediates and Fine Chemicals for the Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemical markets worldwide. The D&O Group offers Superior timeline, quality, and pricing through its core of R&D Labs, Pilot Plants and manufacturers across the globe. The extensive network of R&D Labs, Pilot Plants and Manufacturing sites worldwide offer the most complete "One Stop Shopping" available to the industry, insuring the most desired timeline for the project. The core of manufacturers operate under GMP with DMF's. Many also are qualified and maintain ISO 9000 status and are capable of handling multiple types of chemistry both hazardous as well as multi-step sophisticated technology.

Summary of Internship

At D&O Pharmachem, I have gained a new perspective on the world of drugs. The products that sit in my medicine cabinet were all once separate chemicals from different companies. D&O is one of those suppliers. I have also learned how hard it is to get a drug on the market and how there are different steps along the way to getting a drug approved by the FDA. My project at my internship involves a new branch of the company called R&D. My role is to research other companies interested in using our facilities for making their blueprint of a drug a reality.

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