Student Information

Student Name

Benjamin Wyche




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Lincoln Elementary School

Mentor(s):Marsha Howard/Maureen Smith

Topic of Internship

2nd Grade Education

Background Information

Lincoln Elementary has been a school of up-scale education for many years. It is a place where children can reach their full potential as far as their basic educational fundamentals. The general staff at Lincoln is a kind and caring group of people who will tend to student's needs at anytime. There are many programs which accommodate the students and make them feel comfortable with their surroundings. One excellent program is the GAT,or Gifted and Talented program at Lincoln Elementary. This program suits the needs and challenges children with greater reading and math levels. The students at Lincoln are very motivated and willing to learn everyday they step into their classroom, hence the name that was given to them, “Lincoln Superstars.”

Summary of Internship

Lincoln Elementary school is a very busy place for the teachers and especially for an intern. As an intern, I assist my mentor, Ms. Smith, with many things around the school, such as helping the children with an assignment or making copies of math worksheets. The work is non stop for an intern at an elementary school because the children need special attention or the teacher needs assistance with something. I have learned about teaching and second grade education from interning at Lincoln. Sometimes individuals may feel that teaching second or third graders is light work, but they have thought completely wrong. The working plan for the teachers is very rigorous. It consists of many aspects of the children’s learning ability. Now that I have become familiar with the different techniques teachers use to guide children toward success, I the opportunity to teach some lessons on my own. One day I could possibly take interest in becoming a school administrator.

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