Student Information

Student Name

Altaf Ghanie





Internship Information

Company/Organization: University of Dentistry and Medicine New Jersey

Mentor(s):Ryan Novosielski

Topic of Internship

IST Department

Background Information

The IST department was created at UMDNJ to help the college students and faculty with their problems. They are constantly updating their websites and servers so there is much to do. The support desk members help the faculty and students with their problems, while the other members of the IST staff are updating the server. The problems that the faculty and students mostly had was trouble with their email, and passwords for their accounts.

Summary of Internship

While at my internship I learn how to make websites, I also learn how to use other operation systems like a secure shell. I had three mentors that were willing to help me with any question I had. When one of the support desk members went out to lunch I got to take his seat in front and help people with their problems. When hardware problems presented themselves I got to open the computer, replace the hardware and install it.

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