Student Information

Student Name

Joy Grant




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The York Theatre Company

Mentor(s):Brian Blythe

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Background Information: The York Theatre Company is located in New York City on 54th and Lexington. It was founded by Janet Hayes Walker in 1969. They have showcased over 60 full stage productions and over 50 Musical Mufti series. The mission of The York Theatre Company is to: to be a birthplace for new literate, intimate musicals, and a place where underappreciated musical gems from the past are rediscovered; to provide support for the creators of new musical theatre and be a showcase for new musical theatre talent of all kinds; to provide students with opportunities for hands-on theatre education, and to serve the community by presenting free or low-cost musical theatre performances to under-served audiences.

Summary of Internship

Internship description: The main focus of the internship is to have the opportunity to see different facets of theatre and how everything is accomplished. An intern is able to be involved in many different areas due to the small staff numbers. I have done administrative work, but have also been able to see the auditioning process, the stage set up and prop creation and selection. Throughout the experience you will see the process in which a show is selected to be main stage or a mufti and actually be apart of the process. During the many weeks, you will read scripts that have been sent in by writers and you will write a review for them. It allows you to see what is out there in the theatre community. Interaction is a large part of the day as well. An intern can meet actors, directors, stage mangers and costume designers while a production is being put together. These are the things that you can expect with an internship at The York Theatre Company.

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