Student Information

Student Name

Gretchen McQueen





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Columbia Records

Mentor(s):Brandy Howard

Topic of Internship

Online Promotion

Background Information

One of the oldest brands in the history of recorded sound, the Columbia name has been around since 1888.However Columbia has become one of the most well known Record Labels in the country. Under Sony BMG, it is affiliated with some of the USA's most talented artist like Beyonce, Bow Wow, Amerie, Jonas Brothers, and Aqualung.

Summary of Internship

My primary role was role was to build the fan base of upcoming pop and rock artists on . I also used other websites such as or message boards and chat rooms. Some of the artists represented were Teddy Geiger, Anna Nalick, The Jonas Brothers, Aqualung, and Switchfoot. On a website like Myspace we would try to get the artists to have as much friends as possible to open the online public to their new look and sound. The Department promoted some artists before they had put out their first single basing their fans on a snippet of music or solely on their look. On a website like Myspace, the number of friend requests you have can attest to the growing fanbase. On message boards and chatrooms we would post press releases, album drop dates, concerts and tours, or sometimes TV appearances. We even held contests where we sent out signed CDís, pens, shirts and posters to winners. Sometimes we also went online to vote for new artists videos on TRL.

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