Student Information

Student Name

Yujie Ling




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The County Seat Newspaper

Mentor(s):Lauren Zisa

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The County Seat is a local newspaper based in Hackensack. With a circulation of around 80,000 spread across five towns, it is a medium sized newspaper that reports specifically on the occurrences of those five towns as well as issues that affect Bergen County as a whole. The newspaper is a family business with Lauren Zisa as Editor in Chief and her mother Gail Marie Zisa as Publisher. The office includes a fair number of interns in addition to graphic artists, advertising staff, staff writers, and copy editors, most of whom do not work in the actual office. The office itself is cozy, and includes computers for layout and editing as well as drafting stories.

Summary of Internship

The County Seat offers a lot of hands on experience for those interested in the field of journalism. Even as an inter, I have had the opportunity to attend exciting events such as a press conference for two Olympic skaters as well as the 2006 State of the County Address delivered by County Executive Denis McNerney. Interns at The County Seat are not just given busy work to do or papers to file; we actually write stories for the newspaper that are published after revisions. Interns are also given a bit of editing experience and are instructed in finding grammatical and stylisitc errors. Being an intern at a newspaper is a great way to improve one's writing, and the skills I've learned at The County Seat will definitly prove to be invaluable in college and beyond.

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