Student Information

Student Name

Jerry Yu




Internship Information

Company/Organization: UBS AG

Mentor(s):Ms. Bo Yan

Topic of Internship

Banking and Computer Programming

Background Information

One of the largest investment managers in the world, UBS has offices in some 50 nations -- primarily in Europe and North America-- that provide financial services through four major segments. Its Wealth Management & Business Banking, UBS Wealth Management USA, and Global Asset Management divisions serve institutional investors and hig-net-worth- individuals by offering mutual funds, asset management, corporate finance, and estate planning. UBS Investment BAnk provides securities underwriting, mergers acquisitions advice, fixed-income products, and foreign exchange. The company also provides traditional banking services in its home country of Switzerland

Summary of Internship

I work for UBS AG's risk management department. MY assignments usualy revolve around received bank statements and accounts, which after being transferred through differemtn programs, namely Adobe Acrobat and Excel, become faulty due to previous human error(s), or become skewed in presentation due to software differences. SInce these are actual bank accoutns, the information in them must be perfectly accurate and presentable. When all the information I have to work with is in Excel, I use Visual Basic Application to code a program that automatically adjusts the data's skewed format and verify data accuracy and consistency. Furthermore, I work with complex integrals and derivatives that involve interest rates, % yield, maturity dates, principal, etc.

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