Student Information

Student Name

Stephanie Berrio





Internship Information

Company/Organization: M magazine/Bauer Publishing

Mentor(s):Tina Smithers

Topic of Internship


Background Information

M magazine is a teen magazine that talks about celebrities, fashion, and the hottest trends. M magazine was launched in January 2001 by Molly MacDermot, the chief editor. After its launch it became one of the fastest growing teen magazines. Its publishing company is called Bauer Publishing, which consists of a long line of magazines and three distinct markets: womenís, teens and entertainment. Mís mission is to be one of the top magazines in the world of celebrity for young girls world wide.

Summary of Internship

In my internship some of the tasks I have to do are to transcribe interviews, sort out contest mail, filing, update the magazineís website and attend the magazineís daily meetings. Transcribing interviews is one of the most important tasks in my internship, which is listening to a recording of interviews with celebrities and typing them up. This task is important because these interviews are used to write up stories for the magazine. There are times when celebrities stop by at M magazine and as an intern we can sit in and take part in interviews with them. I truly have learned a lot about the magazine industry, from attending the magazineís meetings I have learned the hard work and cooperation that takes place when creating each new issue. Transcribing has taught me to meet deadlines and work more diligently. Each and every task has taught me new things. Interning at M has helped me grow as a person and help me realize what career path to chose.

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