Student Information

Student Name

Emily Zettler




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Radiant Energy Systems, Inc.

Mentor(s):Cornel Polnyj

Topic of Internship

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Background Information

Radiant Energy Systems, Inc. is a design and construction facility for industrial heaters, dryers and ovens. There is a lot of experience in the process heating business as well as the way a company is run with twenty two years of service. These systems are custom designed and made so each project asks for something different. Each time a company comes to Radiant for their needs, the machines are custom fit for their product and the space of their facility. It is this custom fit that makes each job different and interesting to work on. Itís a small company that is very personable and gives great personal attention to their work.

Summary of Internship

As an intern, my weekly jobs were creating instruction manuals, making blue prints and purchase orders. All of these things got me more familiar to the engineering field, the procedures of a company and their different programs. I also fixed mistakes in the electrical schematics or mechanical drawings as well as make my own drawings for certain machines. Every week I was usually given something new and different to work on that builds on each week with more freedom and responsibility. I enjoyed seeing the parallels in my school work and engineering classes to what I learned at my internship and the skills that I applied at my internship from school.

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