Student Information

Student Name

Carolina Gaviria




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Child Life Program

Mentor(s):Cheryl Strauss

Topic of Internship

The Zone

Background Information

The Child Life Program was created in 1965.This program facilitates coping and the adjustment of children and families in 3 primary service areas: 1) providing play experiences; 2) presenting developmentally appropiate information about events and procedures; and 3) establishing therapeutic relationships with children and parents to support family involvement in each child's care. Although other members of the health care team share these responsibilities for the psychosocial concerns of the child and the family, for the child life specialist, this is the primary role. The child life specialist focuses on the strengths and the sense of well- being of children while promoting their optimal development and minimizing the adverse effects of children's experiences in a hospital setting.

Summary of Internship

My responsibility as an intern is to help take patients to and from the Zone as well as assist Child Life therapeutic group and individual play activities. The Zone is a 3,000 square foot therapeutic recreation space located in the lobby of the hospital. This space allows Mount Sinaiís pediatric patients and families to participate in therapeutic activities in a comfortable, multipurpose environment. The space consists of a Family Resource Center, a Quiet room, Theater, a kitchen/concession room, a teen activity space, a school age activity area, a reading nook, and a state of the art closed circuit television studio. The purpose is to enhance the emotional well being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults during inpatient stays and/or clinic visits. My job is to provide developmentally appropiate, therapeutic activities to individual patients refered by the Child Life Specialist. Also, to assist Child life Specialist in group activities, including set-up of the activity room or clinic area.

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