Student Information

Student Name

Andrew Abril




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Apex Engineering

Mentor(s):Mr. Goldblatt

Topic of Internship

Forensic Engineering

Background Information

Apex Engineering Company was erected in 1985 by Leonard Goldblatt, P.E., P.P, a professional engineer and planner. The company has a variety of engineers and professionals with diverse specialties that add to the company’s success. The company has various fields of expertise such as: Certified Elevator Inspector, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Fire Safety Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Physicist, Professional Engineer and Professional Planner. The company can tackle on any kind of case including but not limited to: accident prevention, accident reconstruction, appliances, automobile accidents, automobile failures, barriers & signs, bicycle accidents, building materials, chemical exposure, code violations, concrete design, construction safety, electrical fires & safety, electrocution, elevators, escalators, explosions, fall down, fatigue of materials, fire investigations, glass, ladders, maintenance, metallurgy, motorcycle accidents, parking lots, pools, product liability, railroad safety, sidewalks, slip/trip fall and warning labels.

Summary of Internship

As an intern for a forensic engineering company, I get to observe and assist in the activities that my mentor, Mr. Goldblatt does on a daily basis. I have been with him to investigations, court and he has taught me about the many kinds of cases he deals with. In addition to these exciting activities, I get to observe and assist what he does in his office. He taught me how to write up his cases; he has a binder for each case. I also help him file papers, figure out new programs, and I even got to use the C.A.D. program. Overall, the internship can be very hands on and is a great learning experience.

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