Student Information

Student Name

Kristyn Abreu





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Orthopedic Associates

Mentor(s):Dr. Peter Salob

Topic of Internship

Orthopedic Medicine

Background Information

Englewood Orthopedic Associates is located in Englewood, NJ. It is a practice of seven orthopedic doctors, two physical therapists, and one occupational therapist. They see many patients of all different age groups in the office and they all perform surgeries at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and the Metropolitan Surgery Center in Hackensack. Dr. Salob specializes in pediatric orthopedics and sports medicine.

Summary of Internship

I was Dr. Salobís intern and spent most of my time following and observing him and his relations with patients. I spent most of my time with him at the office seeing patients; however, there were numerous occasions where he took me with him to observe him in surgery. I saw a knee arthroscopy, a ligament reconstruction, and a shoulder arthroscopy. I also spent some time with his partner Dr. Ann Miller and observed her in surgery. Dr. Salob diversified my activities by sometimes sending me to observe different aspects of medicine, such as physical therapy and pediatrics, in order for me to get a well rounded experience from my internship. This was an amazing opportunity to get an in depth look at many different aspects of orthopedics and areas of medicine in general from a doctorís perspective.

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