Student Information

Student Name

Mark Kurian




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Illuminated Path Entertainment

Mentor(s):Tom Jacob

Topic of Internship

Music Engineering

Background Information

Illuminated Path Entertainment was created almost 8 years ago. It began in the home of it's owner Tom Jacob, and then expanded itself to a spacious studio located in Jersey City, New Jersey. The studio has been home to some famous artists, such as DJ Green Lantern, the Young Gunnaz, Posta Boy, Rell, and many other artists. The studio is growing in recognition, especially within the hip hop community.

Summary of Internship

During this internship I've learned how to be an engineer and how to go about recording artists. I've even had my own sessions with both underground artists and I participated as an engineer for well known artists such as Posta Boy. As an intern it was also my job to help make a compilation CD of the top songs coming out of the studio. The experience was great, and I really enjoyed myself. I could definitly say that the internship was fun and educational at the same time.

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