Student Information

Student Name

Forrest Greene




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Smart Parts Inc.

Mentor(s):Beryle Jung

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The company that I currently intern with is Smartparts Inc. For a company that does so much work it has a very small office. This company is known for designing and creating new technology gagets. The post popular and most profitable is the digital picture frame. The mission of Smartparts is to provide everybody with new technology at a cheap price. For all products there are different models at different prices so there is no excuse why somebody should be without the newest technology in digital picture frames. Smartparts serves all. Whether it is a large retail store or just a regular customer, Smartparts will sell you the best digital picture frames that are out.

Summary of Internship

As an intern with Smartparts I have a range of duties that vary each day. I spend most of the day working directly with my mentor Beryle on one of the companies marketing projects. After a job is completed my mentor explains what type of marketing we just did. Before I go home I spend at least an hour working with the sales department. This is good because after working in marketing and learning how to attract buyers I work with the sales team to learn how to exactly sell the items. This includes being able to sit in during important meeting with retail stores, and most recently helping to create a new design on the box of the digital picture frames. The company wanted to start off the new year with a new design. I helped my mentor come up with new ideas to make the box more attractive to the consumers eye. I am also involved in doing research on the compition to make sure they do not come with up a new product we dont have.

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