Student Information

Student Name

Jose Lorenzo Alvarez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The York Theatre Company

Mentor(s):Brian Blythe

Topic of Internship

Theatre Management

Background Information

The York Theatre Company is a professional off-Broadway theatre company. They are one of the only theatre companies in the world dedicated to the development and preservation of musical theatre. Their Mission Statement is: to be a birthplace for new literate, intimate musicals, and a place where underappreciated musical gems from the past are rediscovered; to provide support for the creators of new musical theatre and be a showcase for new musical theatre talent of all kinds; to provide students with opportunities for hands-on theatre education, and to serve the community by presenting free or low-cost musical theatre performances to under-served audiences. Founded in 1969 by Janet Hayes Walker, the York has done over 60 full-scale musicals. Beginning in 1997 under the direction of James Morgan, the York has focused primarily on developmental and new works. Performances fall under three main categories: The Mainstage Series presents three or four full productions of new musicals by emerging and established authors. The Musicals in Mufti Series presents concert revival readings of six underappreciated Broadway musicals for five performances each. The Developmental Reading Series presents some 40 readings and workshops of new musicals by emerging and established authors throughout the year, free of charge to the public and the writers.

Summary of Internship

At the York Theatre, I learned many things pertaining to theatre management and the arts. I learned basic office skills such as learning how to fully operate a photocopier, creating, managing and updating databases, how to search for companies and organizations for event planning, how to make programs and fliers, and the essence of what makes a theatre company work. Also, I learned how to evaluate a script, how musicals and plays are developed and a glimpse of the type of writing required for musical theatre. At the York, I also learned the layout of New York when making deliveries for the theatre and through that, learned the various ways to get around the city in the fastest time. I also learned how to setup mailing lists (which is quite a tedious task!) and a little of how theatre companies advertise. Through the York Theatre, I have learned that there is much that can be done in the arts and without interns, much of the potential in theatre becomes wasted.

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